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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

I've responded to this thread before and would like to say that expensive cables(one's that cost thousands and tens of thousands of dollars) probably aren't worth the money.

Cables maybe the most over hyped piece of equipment in the audio industry.

I've tried various brands of cables in my system and some home made cables. For the most part the home made cables were as good as the branded cables that I tried.

Many people go to a hi end store and the sales person uses some psychology on them during the selling and demo process. Suggesting that he hears this or that and the customer(s) won't admit that they don't hear what the sales person is hearing. I guess you could call that the golden ears syndrome.

For the most part, I liked the Canare wire in my system for my speakers.

For interconnects, I never noticed much difference between balance cables in my system.

But I have noticed differences in unbalanced cables. I finally settled on a little know brand of cables made by Chimera Labs.
They are neutral/uncolored that is they just convey the signal from each piece of the components.

A friend bought a new set of speakers for his system and we both thought the system was lacking something. The music was good but uninvolving. So I brought a pair of my interconnects to his house and I installed them between preamp and amplifier.

The system completely opened up. Now he has converted all his interconnects and is very happy.

So in summary:

Don't get sucked into a sale person using psychology on you to hear what a cable is doing.

A cable shouldn't do anything. Like a good Doctor, a cable should do not harm.

And, price is not a good indicator of quality or performance

Trust your ears and take the cables home to listen to them in you r system.

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