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Default Re: Best Antiglare 46" Panel

I was locked in the Sansung 46" 630 since glare on 650 is way to much for my den. But doing a side-by-side comparison with the Sony 46" Bravia KDL-46Z4100, I was wowed. Sony's picture quality was definitely superior, both color and clarity. Most life like video image of all the LCDs. My wife saw the difference without me making a comment. Plus, I got a fantastic deal at HH Gregg just before Xmas, $1499 plus sales tax and a free Sony Blu-ray player!! Better than any deals I saw on-line during December plus I had it on the wall for the same day. After watching for three weeks now, picture and sound are wonderful and there is no motion blur during football or basketball games, which was a concern. I got a 2nd year on my warranty by using my credit card. The only problem is not unique to Sony. Both the Sonys and Samsungs will not show most of the photo jpgs on a flash drive. My neighbor said he had a similar problem with his digital photo frame. After some testing loading different jpgs and folders in two different drives, I discovered that the LCD will show photos only if there are no folders and just jpgs loaded. However, anyone know why my flashdrives will only load about 70-80 jpgs while having plenty of space left? Note that Sony does not offer a Z in 52". Love the Z series LCD and recommend it highly.
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