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Default accoustic drop ceiling tiles?

I am planning out some absorption panels for my media room and have done a fair bit of research. Due to limited material availability I will most likely use Roxul safe and sound. While at the local hardware store getting my materials I noticed a few packages of "Sonoflex" accoustic drop ceiling tiles. I did not buy anything yet bringing me to my question. I would rather work with rigid insulation than batting and am wondering if anyone here has any knowledge of using these tiles in theater or audio rooms as absorption panels? Just by inspecting them, they would be way easier to work with and look to be made of some sort of compressed mineral fibre. Any info here would be very appreciated.

here they are. hoping the info at these links will help. will these work as good as roxul or rock wool? My room now is 11' x 11' x 8' ceiling, bare drywall, hardwood floor (also bare) Im sure at this point blankets would work but now that the girl lives here its gotta look good.

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