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For the last 4 years I have been eminently happy with my Paradigm Servo 15 sub woofer. Recently while it was in the shop for repairs I was given a Paradigm Signature Series sub. During the 4 weeks that it was in my home I was amazed by its ability to blend with the Reference Studio 100 speakers. I always had problems getting the Servo 15 to blend with these speakers. The Signature was the most musical sub I've ever heard.

Although extremely satisfying during movies, more often than not I would remove the Servo 15 from the loop when playing music. Not so with the signature. I did not want to return it. Economics forced me to.

Which brings me to this: Can a sub be had for $2000.00 or less that can be satisfying for both movies and music?

Is the JL Audio that sub?
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