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Default Re: Price vs. Performance

Believe me I've been over the cost to own ratios a thousand times as well as found not one but three independent and reputable service people who can work on the car for less than the factory. When the time is right and that moment comes along where you can't pass it up then I'll jump but I'm not chomping at the bit to find it today. I have the information, I know what I want and now it's just about finding the right one at the right time. I'm sure it'll happen but for now I'm content.

Don't get me started about Jerry and Ferrari's though. After all the crap he's given me over me wanting to buy a used 355. I'm crazy. Buy a Porsche. They're crap. etc etc. Then he turns around, or should I say, Krista turns around and tells me he's lusted for a Ferrari for years, and really wants to buy one. I think it's funny.

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