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Default Re: I have never hated anything more!

They ****ed me off when they essentially stole my Tivo HD DVR. I had a bad modem in it, and had to send it off (while still under warranty) for repair. This was a box I bought and owned outright. Instead of repairing the modem, they sent me one of their "new" piece of junk non-Tivo HD DVR boxes, then started charging me an HD DVR box rental fee, and said since I have a new box I am automatically in a new contract. This is when I told them to take their new box and shove it, and completely killed the service and switched to Dish Network. DirecTV ended up stealing my Tivo box and tried to say I still owed them money for time left on my contract that I never agreed to! Those robbers need to go out of business ASAP!

Edit: Aditional info.

Also, I had to return the box they replaced my Tivo box with when I cancelled or else I would owe them ~ $500+ for the new box. And, to this day, I still get a letter nearly 3 - 4 times a month begging me to come back, or just advertising how great they are.

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