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Default I have never hated anything more!

I am too tired and upset at the moment to type out the entire sad story, but I absolutely hate DirecTV more than anything dead or living in this world. And everyone who works for them. I wish there was something more I could do to find a large enough collection of people that hate them even a little and hurt them. It would be nice to see them shut down, and for high ups to be out of a job and money. Then lets see how they try to figure out what to do "Oh no, now they've taken our money, but its more unfair because we work hard to steal from our loyal customers! Give me back my millions! Waaaah!!"

Alas, I dare not waste my precious energy hating something too large for me to consume, but this post will serve as an everlasting avenue for others who feel or have felt the same way to feel that anger I have for them at the moment.
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