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Default Re: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

Originally Posted by nedrudrelyt View Post
Blo Ray will be done in four years. New release prices are a joke...and they haven't rushed proper blockbuster films to market in time for people to buy them all over again. Lord of the Rings will be the beginning of the end. Not releasing the LOTR films in the extended versions first is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. People will wait...and wait...and it will all be over. Leave it to the idiots at Sony.
i don't think so,blu-ray is here to stay a long time,mainly because the studio's are behind it.
if blu-ray was a waste of time they would have passed on it.

your statement about lotr's shows how much you don't know.
thats not the studio's call its peters jacksons call.

same deal with with lucas and starwars,some directors have the right to release what they want and when they want.
aside from how you feel about blu-ray it will go on.
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