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Cool Re: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

Originally Posted by MatrixDweller View Post
Wouldn't offering downloads open up a big hole for pirates to redistribute movies over the internet? Why would a movie studio back that?

I also agree with the download time discussion. For it to be viable you'd need a direct fiber connection like an OC3 (155mbps) which costs 10's of thousands a month to lease. Even then a 30GB movie would take almost 30 minutes to download. It could be streamed at that speed though. My "high speed" connection is currently only 3.2mbps. I think we have a long way to go in the bandwidth department before downloads become viable.

What happens when things go Cinema 2K/4K or when/if Deep Color actually materializes?
That is all true but you may not know that programs like popcorn/toast give the ability to make rip files currently of Blu and DVD.

As far as download speeds that might not be a problem a h264 version of 1080p is 6 Gigs or less and the ability to stream 20 seconds of program to 1 second real time requires 256k.
This compression format is version 1.03 and looks as good as 1080i/720P Bluray

Sandisk will be releasing a 128GB cruzer enhanced for video.
Insiders tell me that Blockbuster is testing a 1.2 GB per second quick load system for multiple USB3 type drives.
this will enable Blockbuster to open photomat sized showrooms for quick movie rental.

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