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Talking Re: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

I think you guys are missing the big zinger here!

Blu-ray's future is more dependent on the impact of the Ipod users.
If the marketing teams don't wise up and include the movie in an easily transfer to ipod or other media device they will die a painfully slow death.
Horton had a ipod version on the DVD only not Blu-ray. Empty shelf dvd 3/4 full blu.

People buy movies and music where it is easy, soon walmart will launch digital movie downloads end game blu-ray.

I know compression blah bah blah but who says you can't use SD cards with a time-bomb for rentals?
MAybe the format of the future will be a sandisk.... I'm buying there stock as we speak.
P.S. don't forget the iPhone 15 million users.... Thats a huge potential market for the digital download world.

I give Blu-ray till march 2010
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