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Default Re: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

I find it interesting that nobody seems to be discussing Disney's model of including a regular DVD in the box with a Blu-Ray movie. It proves they "get" one of the problems with a new technology like Blu-Ray in getting consumer buy-in.
Once we decide which Blu-Ray player to buy, we also must figure out which room and TV to hook it up to. But what if I want to watch a film in a different room? I'd have to have a BR there too.

So Disney must be thinking....SLEEPING BEAUTY is going to look great on Blu-Ray but the kids won;t care about the picture quality and when I want to watch DARK KNIGHT and send them off to another room to watch the animated classic for the umpteenth time, I need a regular DVD to do that.

I wonder what the public is thinking because they'd haven't effectively marketed this concept. Some people probably think "I'd rather pay $10 less and not get the DVD.)
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