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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Originally Posted by TCPlague View Post
audio signals travel through each independand strand of wire... so in theory the more wire in the casing should give a better signal to your speakers. I myself dont find much of a difference in mids but I use heavier wire for subs defenitely and good interconnect cables. I find the connecters on the cheaper versions wear out ( you know... the red and white jobbies). I have had the same monster cable cables for over 10 years and no issues what so ever! they werent very expensive, maybe a little over double the price of the cheapies but well worth the extra money in the long run. Hope this helps
MONSTER CABLES what a marketing Hype before internet existed I also bought my share of Monster cables, fortunately I had 50% discounts on them so I don't feel so bad

Now I know better and by Pro Cables, Canare or Belden cables no hype outstanding quality
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