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Default Re: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

Such a rush to post opinions, knowledgeable or otherwise. That is the gift of internet forums and Happy New Year.

In no particular order, the comparison between Blu-Ray to SACD market penetration is humorously out of scope. Ask 100 people what Blu Ray is and 75-90 people will know. Ask what SACD is and only 3-5 people would know. 72% of all statistics are made up on the spot....

Blu Ray is here to stay, happening and expanding as we speak. I'm not a format fanboy just watching how much I see ads on TV and how much ad space retailers are giving it this year. It's fairly obvious.

There are plenty of hit films being released on Blu Ray day and date with std DVD versions; don't confuse this with catalog blockbuster films, those are coming. You can't buy them all at once and in case you've forgotten, think about how long it took Star Wars to ever appear on DVD (much less the re-purchase opportunities we since gained).

Downloads? Please the bandwidth availability puts that notion into stark relief very quickly. Media reporting has to have an angle and downloads are the easiest doom and gloom aspect to rain on the parade. Lazy tech journalists and nearly all mainstream reporting (infotainment masquerading as news) use it constantly.

As many people in this forum and and into Blu Ray know how to consistently buy Blu Ray new releases around $20 and only $10-$15 for most catalog titles. Put the complaint energies into shopping harder so that you can enjoy the good stuff.
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