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Default Re: Warning: don't go cheap on HDMI switchers OR cables

We don't fight as much as they do on the AVS forum. I think that is one of the key advantages here.

I speak from personal experience. The qulaity of your HDMI cable is more than a "more flowery mid-range" or "deeper extension" in your bass. It has to do with will the simple connection work every time. And note: good cables (they don't have to be REALLY expensive) aren't even a gurantee. I haven't seen ANY meaningful improvment to HDCP copy protection in the last year to make HD DVD and Blu-ray players connect better. Maybe its all behind the scenes but I haven't heard anything meaningful yet.

With that said - the lure of HDMI's one-cable connections is strong. Better audio, better video and ONE cable is a compelling value proposition that consumers will ultimately come to expect.
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