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Default Re: - Proceed HPA-3, Anthem A5 or Halo A51 -

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
I ran my ML 433 and HPA-2 with the Studio 100's when I had them in for review, you almost never have to much power, my current speakers are 93dB efficient and they LOVE the new Krell Evo 403 I have. The biggest trouble people get into is having to little power, when an amp clips and distorts is when you loose drivers, ultra clean high power for short burst is usually tolerated well. If the Krell is of interest, come over to the new site it will be posted there in a few weeks!
Happy New Year sir, and how are you? Long time don`t hear from!!

I know you love the Krell gear. I`m looking forward to that review in Home Theater Review.
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