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Default Re: new Krell 1200 a/v processor; any news???

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

The 1200 is an upgrade to the 1000, it doesn't have the analog section of the 707, and I don't think it uses Krells CAST connections either, if you are going to use it with Krells amps, you want to use the CAST if you can as it is a big step up.

How does the Krell compare to the 861??? Well, I used the 861v4 for a few years, and it is one of the best pre/pro's made, but the Krell Evo 707 is more accurate and clearer, the 861 may be just slightly more easy in it's reproduction but the bass from the Krell is unbelievable, I wouldn't have thought a pre/pro would alter the bass characteristics so much in such a positive way until I used the 707. I can not speaker for the 1000/1200 as I haven't had them in my rig.

The new Lexicon stuff is really good for HT, but not so much for music. If you run a dedicated HT and don't listen to music in it, that's a reasonable choice, for music, the 861 and Krell 707 are top notch, and while the 861 is a bit more open and relaxed, the Krell is so damn clean and clear it's scary, for music I am totally hooked on the Krell, though I can and would also gladly live with the 861 and a G98DH as a transport.

This is the first time I have heard you say anything that remotely compares to your beloved Meridian.
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