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Angry Mitsubishi WD-73833 and 3D Blu-Ray movies

I am on hold with Mitsubishi Customer Relations. I have had this 73" DLP for a little over a year, and like it a lot. I was around the back a couple weeks ago, and saw a "3D emitter port" indication. I downloaded a Mits document, and subsequently bought a 3D emitter and a pair of glasses. (They should be here tomorrow.)

I was looking forward to re-watching "Journey to the Center of the Earth", to see how the 3D rendered, when I noticed that I could not rename the inputs when the Blu-Ray input was selected on my Denon 3008CI, which is required according to Mits documentation. Set the name to "PC" when connected to a PC, or Game otherwise (some paraphrasing was just used.)

Now, the Mitsubishi rep is saying that ONLY a PC can provide the proper 3D input for 3D movies. It must be hooked up to the TV's HDMI input. Leaves me with pretty lousy sound, since it would be pointless to run an audio cable to the Denon. (Synchronization issues?)

What's going on here? Why can't this work? Is the PC really spitting out the video at 120Hz, half Left and half Right? Is this why I have to use the funky red/blue(?) glasses for JTTCOTE, and buy special 3D discs from the site I got the emitter from, and drag a Blu-Ray equipped PC to the TV?

What a crock!

P.S. My conversation with Mits continues. Apparently when the documentation states "PC or other source device", the "other source device" must be a PC as well. Therefore, we reduce this to "PC or PC", which is "PC". Isn't there a law against this kind of thing? This doesn't seem like something that was translated from Japanese. Granted, the documentation url isn't from Mits. It is "", but they seem to be a big player in the 3D world.

I'm bummed!

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