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Default Re: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

I think Blu Ray will be around for quite some time. Heck, vinyl LP's are still with us.

I also know quite a few people that are not into the time and effort of downloading. Not to forget that there are still plenty of techno-phobes. I can still recall all the VCR's with 12 o'clock flashing on the LCD screen because the owners thought it was too complex to set.

I do expect Blu Ray disc prices to come down to a more reasonable level, although it certainly will remain higher than standard dvd's.

The day downloading is reasonably fast and has all the bandwidth required I will be close to first in line. But I am not holding my breath for that to happen soon and in the meanwhile, my Blu Ray discs will always be viable to play whenever I want.

I rarely buy Blu Ray discs in brick and mortar stores. I save a good bit of money buying online from either Amazon or a few others. Today, Amazon has a buy 2 Blu Ray discs and get one for free. That ain't bad!

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