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Default Re: Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future

Originally Posted by gstarr View Post
The amount of bandwidth required to broadcast 1080p/24 with the multiple channels of DTS-MasterHD and Dolby TrueHD are mammoth.

Agreed, but it wasn't so long ago that dial-up baud rates of 14K and 28K were the best you could hope for ... and people are now doing things with Broadband and DSL they would not have dreamed of doing with dial-up at ANY speed. A compression scheme would mitigate massive storage requirements, and prevent re-renting fees. More interestingly however, it would significantly reduce NetFlix's expenses to deliver a product to you. those technical points aside, overall I agree with your points.

I passed on buying BlueRay until I'm convinced it isn't yet another SACD move by Sony - of which I am far from certain at this point. Was SACD a leap forward? I thoughtso, but it still failed.

And call me a Luddite, but I'm still buying CDs - they aren't dead in my book. A media-server doesn't hold enough allure for me until I can hold a back-up copy of everything I paid for "in the cloud" somewhere. Server drives fail with regularity - I don't want to lose a whole music collection because of hard-drive failure - RAID storage arrays notwithstanding. And forget dishing out $15K for one of the high-end audio and video storage and replay devices (Sonos and the other one - forget it's name) - not on my toy budget.
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