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Default Re: Absolute best source?

Originally Posted by tlqualman View Post
Butch, I sent you the name and contact info for the shop in Bartelsville in a private msg. As far as having been to Acoustic Sounds, I haven't yet but plan to go there this fall if the have the blues fest. I have always wanted to go visit them and their Blue Heaven studio as I enjoy many of their recordings. Have you ever been up there? To get somewhat back on topic, since I am looking for a new digital source does anyone have a suggestion for some good material for demos? I don't mind what format as I am looking for a universal player.
I would like to make a few suggestions:
First, I would take music that I'm familiar with or really like to demo equipment. This way you can listen for the things that the reviewers talk about when they review equipment: soundstage, congestion(hopefully the lack of), spacial separation of the instruments, placement of instruments, attack on the drums, vocal reproduction, etc.

For example: On Kind of Blue there is a noticable change between the sax players and the drummer plays a cymbal that just kind of hangs just above the right speaker on the first or second track.

As for recordings:
I take Patricia Barber on XRCD Companion and Diana Krull for female voice, piano and jazz genre. Also, Bill Evans on XRCD and Miles and Coltrane, Kind of Blue.
In Rock, I'll take Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon and Pulse. On Darkside, the track with all the with all the clocks and gongs should be hanging in space at the end of the track by the left speaker then they segway into the next track with the conga (I think at the start).
And, I like to take live acoustic CD's like Eric Clapton Unplugged, Niel Young and Nirvanna.
Lastly, take Dallas Wind Symphony Arnold for band, Trittico and Reiner Chicago Symphony Scherherazade XRCD.

Wrapping up: I don't have much experience with DVD-A recording. I would just suggest buying one or two that you know to get a feel of what is out there that you can take to demo.

And, do you want a one box solution or transport/DAC solution? If you have a local dealer then maybe you could audition something at home that you hear in the store. One box players you might consider the AYRE and ESOTERIC players from what I've read they are quite good.

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