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Have a look at the new Pioneer Elite's chock full of features and capability that will suprise you! And it's way better than any of the receivers that you are considering at a price that is incredible. I paid under $700 Can for mine two weeks ago...I guess your looking at the Onkyo 606 or the new Yamaha did not mention which models you were looking at. If you live in the're in luck, there are several Internet resellers offering this fine product for around 5 - 6 hundred ponies...right near the bottom of your range...Depending on your speakers, you may not even need your Outlaw amp and may decide to give it to a friend, use in a second room or sell it. This receiver has the most advanced MCAA auto calibration system on the can even be fine tuned by a PC and Pioneer's free software and then sent back to the receiver's internal memory! The MCAA also has a built in multi-band EQ, phase compensation and other fantastic features....the benefits of using their internal amp far outweigh the use of an external amp...BTW this is my second Pioneer Elite! I have an older model that I use strictly as a pre-amp for my main Home Theater. I have three seperate amps...including one that I use to Bi Amp the mono cente! I also have a 1500 watt sub! The fit and finish (Black Urushi) is stunning and the remote is also quite attractive and also full featured too.

Let me know what you find out.

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