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Default Re: Upconverting DSS encrypted DVD's

Happy New Year to all - got to be better than the last year ......

Rex, I appreciate your comments and am just making sure I understand the encryption issue.

So, an encrypted DVD will be upconverted by the HDTV to it's native resolution. But, if you want to use the DVD player to upconvert with possible a better quality, that won't be allowed.

Example: the Toshiba E-500 player with the supposedly better way to upscale - this unit will not work with encrypted DVDs, but a DVD played on them will be upcoverted by the TV to the native resolution.

Is this right????

Also, I need to get up to speed on the HDCP concept itself. Is there a better post somewhere which covers that ??

Thanks for your help on this; the technology rushes ahead in all areas and we end up with these kinds of issues.
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