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Default Re: "Code Blue" scheduled as first true "hybrid" disc release

I don't know how much more expensive these would be to manufacture, if done on a large scale, presumably less than a dual-sided disc, otherwise what purpose would it have? It remains to be seen if this hybrid format will ever catch on; but it clearly has many theoretical advantages. Backward compatibility with existing DVD players means that:
1. Consumers who don't already have a BD player would have a greater incentive to get one, since their movies would play on it without the need to replace them with BD versions.
2. Even consumers who may already have a BD player in their home, may have DVD players in other rooms, computers, the car, etc. This would obviate the need to buy two copies of a movie to play on those players as well. These discs would definitely be more valuable since they would offer greater play-back versatility. Remember there are far more DVD players in use than BD players.
3. They would also reduce costs by eliminating the need for the production, distribution, and inventory of two different formats in stores and rental locations.
4. The biggest advantage, and most compelling reason for this type of hybrid format is that it would greatly promote the adoption of Blu-ray, the continued viability of which still remains in question, not only due to competition from DVDs, but also from streaming downloads, etc.

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