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Default Re: new Krell 1200 a/v processor; any news???

The Anthem D2v2 is due out soon, but I have been told by inside sources 'soon' could be as late as December but Anthem has been know to surprise me and deliver things early, so we'll see, it promises to be a very flexible AV preamp and likely the ONLY one that will allow two independent HDMI outputs for the second zone, and that both can be scaled differently simultaneously, so if you use two zones (I personally do not) then this unit is a leader.

The sound of the Krell 707 is significantly better than the D2, not to bash the D2, I own them and they are a great unit, but the Krell is soooooo nice........

I have heard the 502 for audio and is was very good, albeit in a demo and not my own home (yet.....I hope) but I haven't A-B'd it to their 2 channel preamps so I can't comment.
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