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Default Re: Recommendations for a Pre-Amp needed

Ken took the words right out of my mouth. John, in the world of processors, you're going to want to get the best, most current thing you can afford. I really wouldn't invest to heavily in something I knew I had to upgrade just to make it current, when there are current options out there for less. The D1 was a great piece and one I would've been happy to own, but the D2 is so much better now. $2K to upgrade is a lot of money when you consider the Sunfire is roughly $3500 new. If you want D2 like performance check out the Anthem AVM50, it's basically a baby D2 for I think under $3K. We have one in for review and the review will post in month or two if you want to read about it.

Linda I think Ken is right on about the synergy arguement. I'd go the Sunfire route too.
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