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Default Re: new Krell 1200 a/v processor; any news???

I got my Krell 707 in September to replace a Krell HTS 7.1. At first I tried the Integra 9.8 but its analog section was nowhere near the HTS 7.1 and the only improvement was for Blu-ray soundtracks. The Integra is good for the money but it just didn't cut it for me. I can see why many people like the Audyssey room correction, but with my system I noticed that even though it did some good, it took away a bit of the live sound that I prefer. The Evolution 707 absolutely blew away the HTS 7.1 and Integra in every way. The fact that the 707 has no room correction is not even a concern whatsoever. Even the video processor in the 707 does a great job of upconverting HDTV to 1080p for my Planar 8150 projector. The preamp section of the 707 is absolutely incredible, supposedly better than the EVO 202 and close to the EVO Two. The build quality of the unit is unbelievable. A few nice upgrades over the HTS are that the unit is silent (no more clicking noises when switching inputs or soundtracks) and the menu can be displayed on any input. I also now have Evo 600 monoblocks which are a beautiful match for the 707. I don't have CAST yet but it is without a doubt on the horizon.

The 707 is an amazing piece, but I have to tip my hat to Krell for their customer service. Bret D'Agostino has gone out of his way to help in setup and software upgrades for the 707. He has personally updated the HDMI card to a newer spec and had the Krell engineers rework the software to allow for audio output changes from the newest PS3 software. The 707 is now proudly the centerpiece of my system with no regrets.
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