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Exclamation Re: Carver Sunfire True Sub MK2 Blues - Lord have pity!

Originally Posted by sashua View Post
I have a Carver Sunfire True Sub MK2
It has a blown speaker.
Carver wants $600 to replace it.
I want whatever they are smoking.

Can anyone advise what to do here? Is it something I can replace myself easily enough and does anyone even know what drivers they use? They won't just sell me the speaker of money in that.

I could sell it on E-Bay as a broken sub but I doubt I'd get much for it.

Any thoughts?
Sell it and get yerself an SVS subwoofer (many models and prices to choose from); real workhorses, produce real low infrabass signals, and won't die on you under spirited playback. For what Carver wants to replace the burned out driver am sure you can find one that would suit your needs. Check out SVS' Website (

I own eight 46-16 tubular units, plus two B4-12 Plus boxed subs (all passive--use separate amps to power them--but they got gobs of powered models to choose from too) and couldn't be happier. Highly recommended...

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