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Default Re: Chime in on my debate with AIX Records

Originally Posted by tlqualman View Post
I have over a dozen of the AIX recordings and marvel at the sound quality. I know this level of quality is not available on older master tapes but after hearing things like Dark Side of the Moon on SACD and the remix of the Beatles stuff on the Love DVDA you have to agree these releases are as close as us mortals will ever get to hearing whats on those master tapes. Both of these discs are far better than the over compressed stuff issued before. I think I saw another thread on another site where Dr. Waldrep after getting it as a present, took the Love DVD down to his studio on Christmas day to listen to it on the "good equipment" and I bet he was supprised at how good the sound was on those master tapes from almost 40 years ago. There is a lot of old material that I would gladly buy again if it was reissued in a HiDef format.
EXACTLY. That is what I`m saying, and it seems David is also. hile the old master tapes are made and done, some of the high rez recordings of material does sound great. Well, we can only wait to see if Mark has a shift in his thinking after listening to the disc.
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