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Default Question -- Pionner/Universal Blu-Ray Discs

I recently purchased a Pioneer BDP 05FD Blu-Ray player and while playing some Universal Studios discs noted that two small square icons appear at the top right of the picture. These boxes are distracting and annoying and I have not found any solution that eliminates them while the movie is playing. I am not certain if the issue is a result of the Pioneer or the disc.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and, if so, can you provide me with a solution to eliminate these icons?

Incidentally, while the Pioneer looks good in my rack, I feel this unit is glitchy, slow and over-priced. My primary reason for this purchase is I have a Lexicon MC-12B pre-pro and the salesman stated that this Pioneer internally decoded all audio formats and output them via both HDMI and analog outputs, including DTS Master Audio. Unfortunately, it does not yet fully output DTS-MA through its analog circuitry. I am advised that a firmware update will eventually solve this issue, but have not been provided a firm date for this resolution.

I wish I had seen the Panasonic DMP BD-55 reviews before buying the Pioneer.

Thanks for any help regarding the icon issue.
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