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Default Re: Upconverting DSS encrypted DVD's

Originally Posted by dcellob View Post
Thanks for the reply Rex. I found it strange that Best Buy is pushing this view - that HDTVs don't upconvert everything to the native resolution. I asked 3 different employees in 2 different Best Buys and received the same consistent reply. It must be part of the training.
They probably say that in order to sell upconverting DVD players.
Think about it. If a display has 1080 rows of pixels, the TV would have to upconvert a 480 signal in order to fill the entire screen, otherwise 600 of the rows would remain blank resulting in a much smaller image. HOW the upconversion is done is the important question. Next time someone says the TVs don't upconvert, ask them why the displayed image fills the entire screen of 1080 vertical rows of pixels.
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