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Of course they're worth it, and they're not a dead end or a dead format in any way! There are over 5000 SACDs released around the world - is that a dead format? We don't need audio-only Blu-rays! If you're a concert music listener with a surround setup you're in Nirvana. (Unfortunately not many jazz or pop releases though, in spite of Chesky doing all their new releases as SACDs.) Certainly don't need absurd 7.1 or 6.1 systems - in fact some of the best multichannel SACDs (they're nearly all multichannel & hybrid now) are only 4.0 - such as Opus3 and Ray Kimber's IsoMikes. Most classical and jazz SACDs are 5.0 channels. The best use of the unneeded (for music) sub and center channels is the 2+2+2 format (look it up) but few people will bother with the setup of two additional speakers above the front L & R. See & for SACD reviews and purchase sources.
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