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Default Re: Bowers & Wilkins Launches iPodŽ Speaker System: Zeppelin

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet View Post
Ideally, if the iPod provided a digital-audio output via it's connector, this could be a true High-end product. Sadly, the limiting factor will still be the d/a and analog line-out of the iPod device, regardless of what wizardry the new external amplifer can provide. In fact, when I see "DSP" advertized it makes me shiver knowing that the music will then be forced through another a/d/a cycle after leaving the iPod.

Apple, would it be too much to ask to provide a digital-audio output on the iPod??? Then those of us capturing our music in apple-lossless could enjoy true high-end audio from our portable iPod music systems.


p.s. I do plan to audition this new entry into the iPod boom-box genre as soon as it's available. hopefully it won't disappoint, despite the inherent design flaw (lack of digital audio out) in the iPod.
You know Bowers and Wilkins research and development team is always working on something, and when they do, its virtually always a success. Im` anxious to read the review.
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