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Originally Posted by jbk View Post
SACD in the right system sounds really good but not as good as a vinyl setup in the same system.

The difference between CD and SACD is really noticeable in a high end system. I'm just getting into SACD, I'm a late adopter!!

Does anyone have a listing of really great SACD recordings.

I'm mostly into Jazz and Blues music.

I'm hoping that blu-ray will be releasing more music or concerts in the future. I've been enjoying RAV HD on my plasma. I get to listen and see groups I wouldn't otherwise have an opportunity toe experience.

I think the experience of concerts on a home theater in the right conditions would be work having.


PS I know I'm way behind the curve in home theater and multi channel!!

The CCR's on the Fantasy were mastered by Steve Hoffman so of course they are great. Michael Jackson Thriller. The Stones on Abkco label.John Mayall and Friends on Audio Fidelity. SRV and Double Trouble Texas Flood. There's a few. BTW i perfer DVD-A because there are more titles i like and i perfer the sound just a tad over SACD but that's just imo.
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