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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Originally Posted by duffer View Post
here is my classic audio setup that I purchased in Jan.1989. Bought this equipment straight off the showroom floor, at the CES show in LasVegas. Displayed at the Riviera Hotel. The Aragon amps were one of the first ever built with the green light on the on/off switch. The amps have since been upgraded to the MKII's. The system is still running flawlessly and never had any problems after all these years. They sound just as dynamic as the day I bought them. Money well spent.
(2) aragon 4004 mkII amps
(1) aragon 24k pre amp
Duntech Marquis loudspeakers (Australian light oak)
Analogic Design Group hyprid tube CD player ( Scott Nixon) designer
Audioquest only cables and interconnects

Thanks Duffer
Aragon, whata name from the past. Great amplifiers, what ever happened to them?
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