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Default Re: Need help in recommending Blu-Ray purchase!

Originally Posted by brianathome View Post
Just started researching buying a Blu-Ray player and am lost!!! So could really use some help in recommending one that will best fit my system. I have a Mitsubishi WD-62725 DLP TV and a Yamaha RX V990 reciever-an oldie but goodie. I also have Mirage surround sound speaker system. I would like a Blu-Ray player to accomplish the following:1) maximize the picture of my TV-get the most out of its 1080i capability 2)get the most out of my current DVD collection 3)produce the best sound for my 5:1 system.
What I am not sure about-My computer is no where near my computer-can you connect a 2.0 player to a wireless router for firmware upgrades? My TV manual says it has HDMI hookup-is this the best way to go? It looks like the Panasonic DMP-BD55 and Sony BDP-S350 get good marks. Is it worth is to go up in price to a Denon or Pioneer? Have I overlooked an issue that would affect my system?
I would stay away from the Sony which is a lousy player. The Panasonic would be a much better choice. However, for the same price you could get a Samsung BD-P2550/2500 which has superior upconverting capabilities due it is Reon HQV video processor in order to "get the most of your current DVD collection". Keeping the player connected to the internet via the ethernet port (thru either a wired or wireless router/switch) not only facilitates keeping the firmware up-to-date, but allows you to enjoy the BD-live (profile 2.0) content, and with the Samsung also allows you to receive Netflix/Pandora streaming downloads.
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