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Default Re: Upconverting DSS encrypted DVD's

Originally Posted by dcellob View Post
So, most DVDs will be displayed only in 480p ?? I am getting ready to buy an HDTV 1080p and have sorted out most of what I want to know, except for the upscale/upconvert issues. I had thought that all new HDTVs would convert all inputs to their native format - the people at Best Buy keep telling me that is not true, that only a dvd player will do that. Doesn't make sense. I have a lot of DVDs and also LaserDisks which I plan to play on the new system. Could anyone give me a basic overview on what the new HDTVs actually do with inputs from DVDs/Laserdisks?? Thanks.
The "people at Best Buy" are wrong. You are right; your HDTV will automatically convert all inputs to its native resolution. Why then bother with an upconverting DVD player at all? Because there is a difference in the quality of upconversions. A high-quality upconverting player may do a better job of upconverting than your TV. The only way to tell for sure which is better is to try both ways, or check reviews of various players/TVs. Check out these DVD player benchmark reviews:

There is also alot of misinformation about 1080p, often called "True HD". As far as movies go, there is no additional information contained in a 1080p signal. As long as your display deinterlaces properly, a 1080i signal should look identical to a 1080p signal. Suprisingly, many Blu-ray players do not deinterlace properly, in which case it is better to set the output of the player to 1080i, and allow the TV to do the final step of deinterlacing before displaying 1080p (assuming the TV does deinterlace properly).
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