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Originally Posted by Butch View Post
Stevie Ray picks up a worn out guitar, wraps his fingers around its neck, places his foot on the wah wah pedal and strikes the the first notes of Voodoo Child. Chills run up and down my spine and goose bumps break out on my arms.

J.J. Cale Asks, "Crazy Mama, where you been so long?" Again, the goose bumps.

How about Susan Tedeschi? When she cries, 'Angel From Montgomery' a tear forms in my eye.

Carlos Santana fading out on 'Samba Pa Ti' and I want more!

The best amp? The best is the one that evokes an emotional response. If you get that from the music, then the best amp is the one in front of you at that moment. I say this because I've experienced audio bliss from a number of different amps. When the music takes over and you forget that you're 'supposed' to be listening for depth, imaging, etc.. that's when the equipment ceases to exist and you're left just listening.
Can`t really argue much with that.
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