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Default Re: Ultra High-End BD Player?

$17,000 is what they're asking from what I've read. If you have more money than brains then I guess it's your ticket.

"AC Curator"?
Get a top notch power conditioner or AC regenerator from Furman/Panamax and run a dedicated line (cost ~$1000).

"Mechanical Grounding"?
Digital video does not blur. Errors in data appear as noise in the image. It takes a lot of vibration to make that happen. Most of the vibration is going to occur from within the player with the disc spinning. Even so, a high end players from Denon or Pioneer already dampen internal vibrations and at 1/10th the price. Couple that with a solid rack or stand and you're doing overkill (unless your subwoofer's woofer is 2" away and pointing right at it (WTF). (cost ~$3000)

Note: You also get the benefit of power conditioning and vibration control on all of your components then.

"Magnetic Damper"
Read errors do happen although infrequently and normally due to dirty discs or laser or reader. Goldmund's player is not going to clean your discs for you or clean itself. RFI/EFI could happen in cheaply built players but most players on the market are not going to be subject to that inside the case unless you have a power magnet sitting on top of the case.

Here's a link to the manufacturer's product sheet (very basic).
I'd like to know what decoders it has. I'm sure it has all. Does it have 7.1 audio outputs? Does it have bleeding edge upconversion technology? Is it profile 2.0? By reading the manual I don't think it is profile 2.0 because I see no mention of internal storage or a network connection. And who designed the case for that??? The minimalist approach is one thing, but at least make it look attractive.

Bottom line, I doubt you could see any difference in PQ or SQ if you compared it to any of the flagship players from Sony, Pioneer, Denon, Marantz or others. Save money and put that towards a better projector/screen, receiver and/or speakers, leather seats, or a popcorn machine and you would see more benefit.
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