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Default Re: OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player

Originally Posted by bwillcox View Post
Does anyone know if the BDP-83 is being tested to work with a Yamaha RX-Z11? I own a Z11 and have tried several different Oppo DV-983Hs with it without any success. I was told by both Oppo and Yamaha that neither had the necessary equipment to conduct any testing (i.e., Oppo didn't have a Z11 and Yamaha didn't have a 983H). I would really like to get a BDP-83 when it is available, but not working with my Z11 is a show stopper for me.

For those interested in what didn't work, I couldn't get any of the higher definition video to work (720p up) over HDMI, nor could I get high resolution audio (SACD or DVD-A) to work over HDMI (probably related to the video problem). Note that both Oppo and Yamaha were notified of this problem, but I don't know if anything was ever done to fix it.
Who knows ask Oppo they are very good about responding to email Also how do you like the Z11, I always loved Yamaha
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