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Default Re: Need help in recommending Blu-Ray purchase!

Originally Posted by brianathome View Post
I would like a Blu-Ray player to accomplish the following:

1) maximize the picture of my TV-get the most out of its 1080i capability
2)get the most out of my current DVD collection
3)produce the best sound for my 5:1 system.

What I am not sure about-My computer is no where near my computer-can you connect a 2.0 player to a wireless router for firmware upgrades? My TV manual says it has HDMI hookup-is this the best way to go? It looks like the Panasonic DMP-BD55 and Sony BDP-S350 get good marks. Is it worth is to go up in price to a Denon or Pioneer? Have I overlooked an issue that would affect my system?
- HDMi 1.3 is the best way to go as everything stays digital Audio and Video

- If you can wait get the new Oppo BDP-83H Blu Ray player and it should be the best if history repeats itself.
forget Denon or Pioneer they are not that great unless you are willing to spend $3800 to get the latest multi player from Denon! But I will be that the Oppo will match it for $499-$599
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