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Lightbulb Re: Ultra High-End BD Player?

I'm no expert in these things but surely in the digital world you can't expect a dramatic improvement by removing vibration, etc?

I would imagine the BluRay has some pretty robust error correction although the point would be to get the data off the disc as cleanly as possible so that you don't require error correction which may colour the sound although again its still only 0's and 1's that your receiver or processor has to make sense of.

I would much prefer something so easily upgradeable as a PS3 and put that sort of money into a really good projector or sound processor and power amp combo.

Power quality would also be paramount. I don't think you should run it through anyhing less than a full double conversion UPS such as a Powerware 91xx series because the mains power only runs a battery charger and the batteries power the inverter to power the load so mains fluctuations have no effect on the output voltage.


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