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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Originally Posted by Duckmcdaffy View Post
I share your sorrow. If I lost any of my gear I would be devastated. Most of it is now irreplaceable. And certainly all the vinyl could never be replaced. One very important point to consider is that you should NEVER keep your equipment (of any type including "program" material (vinyl/CD's, tapes and etc.)) in an unfinished, uncontrolled environment. The temperature and humidity variations will destroy it all in a very short time. Metal will corrode and rust and timber will warp and split. Speaker cones and surrounds will rot and decay. Please take it all out of there. PLEASE!

I have just purchased a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 Quiet Point noise cancelling headphones. Whilst they sound reasonable and are absolutely fantastic for travel, they are NOT high fidelity. The electronic processing ensures this.

For my listening at home, I have a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-7's purchased in 1981. The original electret version. And they are extraordinarily good. I rate them above the Stax electrostatic Earspeakers I tried before I bought the A-T's. I sometimes use them instead of running the speakers. I also have a Jecklin Float Model 1 headphone purchased in 1989. They may not be the most attractive looking, but they sound awesome. Both are worthy of "classic gear" status not only for their design and engineering but also for for their sheer audio reproduction quality.

I said in my very fist post that the only other "wet dream" piece of equipment that I would want for was a pair of Apogee Scintilla's. I will now add to that Sennheiser's truly superlative benchmark Orpheus headphones. I listened to a pair belonging to a friend recently. Words fail me to describe how truly and utterly brilliant these are. I know I shall never own a set as they sell for around $20,000+ and they are not being manufactured any more so there will never be any more.

Enjoy the music.
All. I just finished my basement home theater and hooked up my washed out DQ-10's. They still play, cannot believe it. They still sound good after being drowned in my basement. The stands are ruined and I had to toss them. I'll keep my DQ-10's a little longer, just cannot bring myself to trash them.
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