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Default Re: Samsung BD-P2550

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Sounds really good. However, it seems to me for that you be better off renting Blu-Ray movies to get the most quality and the best out of your display. Why settle? Isn`t that why we go Hi-Def in the first place?
Quite right. Blu-ray has the best quality in both video and audio. Even VUDU and DishNetwork, which both now offer 1080p downloads, don't have lossless audio. Someday streaming dowloads may replace Blu-ray; but I think it will be several years at least before that happens. Most of the stuff I download from Netflix is in SD anyway, like favorite episodes from The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, etc. Since much of the material in the free Netflix archive was never in HD, I doubt it would be any better on BD and may never be released on BD. Still the streaming dowload capabilities of the 2550 are useful features for anyone considering buying a new BD player.
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