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Default Re: Best 5.1 music mix ever?

Originally Posted by Bob Walters View Post
Dark Side of the Moon....without a doubt......and that's not even my kind of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DSOTM is such a great record that it appears on virtually every "best of all-time" music list. However, the SACD surround re-mix is not without controversy.

If you'll recall, Alan Parsons was the mixing engineer for the original tracking sessions... and at that time, he also created a Quad mix that the band released shortly after the original stereo version.

But for some unknown reason, the SACD folks decided to hire James Guthrie to create their 5.1 re-mix... even though Alan really wanted to take on this new surround re-mix AND had already proven himself via some GREAT 5.1 music mixes... inc. his own album "On Air."

Unfortunately, few people have had the luxury of comparing the SACD surround tracks to the original 4.0 mix (that the band originally approved at that time, as the best surround version of their original creative expressions.)

So... is the recent 5.1 re-mix truly even the "best" surround version of DSOTM, much less the best surround mix of all time??

And with minimal center-channel info, how does it stand up to the original 4.0 quad mix, if you crossover the bass frequencies into your dedicated sub-woofer?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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