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Default Re: Experience with "Ice Block amplifiers" Seymour AV

Originally Posted by mahdlokg View Post
Probably the best way to listen to them (ICE power amps) is to find a Rotel dealer and do some listening. If I do look at these type of amps seriously, I believe Wyred4Sound may be the way to go, due to their highend manufacturing and mods history. (Check out to see what I mean.)
Okay, I will check the site out. As far as Rotel dealers, "The Listening Room" in Scarsdale was the one dealer that had Rotel. However, they closed their retail space, because they told me that hardly anyone comes in anymore to demo equipment.
Most of the business now is installation. And when a friend sees what they did, they call and say, I saw what you did for my friend, can you now do my house.

And Lyric Hi-Fi, a great dealer, does not carry Rotel. Thus my difficulty in hearing the Ice Block amplifiers.
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