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Default Re: Krell KID, Audio Research DAC 7, Linn DS

Originally Posted by pfslai View Post
I am looking at some ways to play my computer's downloaded music files with my system. I have looked at the following:
1. Krell Kid - relatively inexpensive at $1500 but can only connect with an ipod.
2. Audio Research DAC 7 - looks promising and not that expensive at $3500-4000. Even thought it has a variety of inputs (including USB). I've asked my dealer how to connect it to my computer. They haven't tried it yet. Also, do I need to buy a device like the Wadia ipod connector to the DAC 7 to hook it up?
3. Linn DS - these are more expensive (Akurate and Klimax) but will connect to the computer via ethernet port.

Anyone with experience with any of these?

Have you looked at the Bel Canto Dac?
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