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Default Samsung BD-P2550

I am very impressed with the Sammy 2550 profile 2.0 BD player. The load times are quick. Some have said the upconverting of regular DVDs is better than with the Toshiba HD-XA2 which is possible since it uses a newer version of the famous Silicon Optix's Reon HQV video post processor. All I know is that my collection of DVD's have never looked better. Iit decodes (as well as bitsreams) the HD audio codecs. (Onboard decoding DTS HD MA will be implemented by a firmware update within the coming month.) It even has 7.1 analog outputs for use with older receivers. All in all it has got to be the best value in BD players available right now. I got mine for just over $300 at Best Buy with a free copy of The Dark Knight. This is less than what I could buy a 2500 for on line at places like Amazon, etc. The 2500 is identical but lacks the Pandora music streaming ability, a very nice feature which I originally didn't expect to use at all. It works great for playing background music when you are not watching anything.
I didn't originally expect to use the Netflix and Pandora streaming capabilities much, but I am very pleasantly surprised how well they both work. Clearly Netflix is working hard now to position itself for a future when streaming downloads may displace physical media. Sometime in the future they will most likely start charging extra for these dowloads, like Vudu does. Even on a large screen (67") the quality of the streaming downloads appears suprisingly good. So far I have actually been watching more dowloads than Blu-ray movies. The HD downloads are clearly not as good as Blu-ray, but they are noticeably better than regular DVD quality. Unfortunately bandwidth limits resolutions to 720p without HD audio. Most movies play without interruption after buffering first for about 30 seconds. The 1G internal memory is also used for BD-live content; so there is not need to add an SD memory card. It is silly how many profile 2.0 manufacurers are too cheap to include onboard memory, so you have to buy a memory card in order to use the BD-live feature. Another nice thing about having it connected to the internet via ethernet jack, is automatically updating the firmware, so you never have to worry about having the latest version. Assuming that Samsung's past compatability issues have been resolved, I can't see any reason why anyone would want to buy any other player. This is the first affordable high quality BD player on the market. The oppo BD83 which is not yet available may be superior when finally released, but it will also cost twice as much, and not offer any streaming download capability. If you are in the market for a new BD player, you should definitely give this one some thought.
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