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Default Re: recommendations on high end Blue Ray players

Originally Posted by mribob View Post
Sharok; what are the ramp up/start times on your Denon? I'm looking at a deal on the similiar Marantz; and know the Sony 5000es ramps up very quickly; but is more expensive. Not sure if Denon/Marantz will have upgrades to BD 2.0; have you heard?
Thanks for the info.
Happy Holidays,
Hello mirbob,

Denon loading time is not so impressive (it is better than typical). Do not expect a fast loading time from this unit and it ihas a 1.1 profile.
I have a Denon 3808 receiver. The DAC in this player is superior to my receiver's. So if you want to use analog connection you'll have one of the best CD players available in the market (for movies it does not make an audible difference, or at least not to my ears).
BTW, Marantz 8002 and Denon 3800BDCI are identical (1.1 profile and they also belong to the same company "DNM").

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