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Default Krell KID, Audio Research DAC 7, Linn DS

I am looking at some ways to play my computer's downloaded music files with my system. I have looked at the following:
1. Krell Kid - relatively inexpensive at $1500 but can only connect with an ipod.
2. Audio Research DAC 7 - looks promising and not that expensive at $3500-4000. Even thought it has a variety of inputs (including USB). I've asked my dealer how to connect it to my computer. They haven't tried it yet. Also, do I need to buy a device like the Wadia ipod connector to the DAC 7 to hook it up?
3. Linn DS - these are more expensive (Akurate and Klimax) but will connect to the computer via ethernet port.

Anyone with experience with any of these?
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