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Default Re: Netflix HD streaming with Blu-Ray?

I think my next BD player will also be the Sammy BDP-2500. A firmware update now provides for Netflix streaming of HD content. (True most of Netflix 12,000+ titles are now available in SD only. Even the HD content is limited to 720p to reduce buffering delays and lacks HD audio.) Still 300 bucks for a 2.0 BD player with decodes the HD audio codecs and has superior upconversion due the the Reon HQV post processor is currently the best value in BD players. The only difference between the 2500 and the 2550 is that the 2550 also supports Pandora audio streaming. Presumably the Reon processing will improve the upconversion of the Netflix downloads as well as DVDs. And hopefully Samsung has overcome its notorious past compatibility issues with BD players.
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